What does Bruce specialize in? He’s not allowed to tell you.

Bruce, like many lawyers, it’s frequently asked, “what’s your specialty?” “Specialty”; “specialize” these are words Indiana Supreme Court frowns upon, apparently out of fear that they will suggest to vulnerable clients some sort nonexistent divine anointment. The rules governing the legal profession permit reference to specialization only when an accredited on the has bestowed an actual certification upon a lawyer in some area of the law.

That said, Bruce wants you to know:
“I have a special interest in civil litigation. I like to redress of violation of a person’s rights, be they contractual, civil or constitutional.”

Been there, done that.

Bruce Munson has been a radio personality, cable television entrepreneur and state legislator. He has a uniquely eclectic background that gives him a unique perspective on legal problems.

In the early 1980s Bruce represented the “taxpayer watchdog”, Dick Amburn, in challenging a preordained formula for collecting and distributing a newly created economic development income tax (“EDIT”). Behind closed doors, local leaders had selected members of an initial EDIT board to collect and spend this newly created tax. Munson, on behalf of Amburn, filed suit to challenge this back-door approach to government.

Bruce Munson accompanied Mick Alexander during the courtroom challenge to the pre-wired EDIT scenario. Bruce, his colleague, and his client were successful in throwing out the originally envisioned formula. The result? EDIT funds were used to create a replacement for Delaware County’s antiquated children’s home. A public-private partnership was created to build and operate the Youth Opportunity Center. Since then, the YOC has had a positive impact on thousands of young lives.