Just The Facts

Little-known facts about Bruce Munson

Bruce Munson served for 10 years in the Indiana House of Representatives. When he reached his self-imposed term limit and chose not to run for reelection, he found it difficult to stay away from the statehouse. So he stuck around in different capacities, serving as counsel to the speaker of the house and, later, as House parliamentarian. His unique perspective on the creation of statutory law helps him deal with the everyday application of the law.
“Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made..”
–Otto von Bismarck

Bruce Munson was co-holder of U.S. patent number 5,568,928 (“apparatus for use with exercise equipment”)

Bruce Munson was the subject of Tiny Tim’s last political prognostication:  told by a Muncie Evening Press reporter about Munson’s race for re-election to the legislature, Tiny Tim said, “I would not bet a million dollars on Mr. Munson. That one is going to be close.”  (It was, sort of; Munson won.  Tiny Tim died only weeks later)

Bruce Munson is distantly related to Audrey Munson, an early 19th century actress and model who posed for numerous sculptors and whose likeness appears on the “walking liberty” half-dollar, minted from 1916 to 1947.