What Can Bruce Help You With?

    • Family Law
    • Suing the bastards! (Injured? Not your fault?)

police carDUI (Driving Under the Influence). OWI (Operating While Intoxicated): By whatever name — and however a prosecutor may file a charge — a criminal charge based on an allegation of impaired driving means your driving privileges and your freedom are at risk. In his 25+ years of experience, Bruce Munson has negotiated hundreds of plea agreements for defendants, and when the facts have warranted taking cases to trial, has done so. His experience includes successfully challenging chemical test results. Call or email now to discuss the facts of your case and to learn how Bruce Munson can help you.

money in mattressLiving Trust: Bruce Munson’s 25+ years of experience includes drafting the drafting of numerous wills, trust agreements, powers of attorney and health care representative appointments. Bruce has handled numerous estates of various sizes, but also offers an option that eliminates the need to employ an attorney to handle your estate.

Probate expenses can take a healthy bite out of an inheritance. For many, a living trust is a useful strategy for avoiding the cost, delay, hassle and sacrifice of privacy that may accompany the probate process. For a relatively small investment now, you can save your heirs thousands – perhaps many thousands – of dollars. Call Bruce to schedule a time to talk about whether a living trust is right for you.