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I.B.S. (Irritable Bruce Syndrome)

I.B.S.  (Irritable Bruce Syndrome) I’ll keep this short and sweet.  It seems like every day that I see someone on Facebook trashing some private citizen about some purely personal matter.  Let me just say this:  Doing so says more about the trash-or than it does the trash-ee. Biofuel, esoteric numbers, and alleged fraud U.S. Attorney Joe […]

Unfairly Snoped?

Has a Muncie musician/bar owner been unfairly Snoped? I’m not sure I’ve ever before personally known someone who has been the subject of a Snopes item.  (Snopes.com purports to arbitrate the truth or falsity of various rumors, theories and urban legends.) Mike Martin, owner of Muncie’s FOLLY MOON bar and grill, has discontinued live music […]